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Water/Hydro/Sewer Jetting In Westchester County, NY

Water/Hydro/Sewer Jetting In Westchester County, NY

High pressure water jetting is useful for removing heavy duty clogs in drain 3" to 10" in diameter. We can eliminate any type of grease, muck, gunk, sediments, or roots in your drain with ease. Our equipment is geared for use within residential, commercial and industrial sewer lines.

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Sewer Repair & Replacement in Westchester County, NY

Sewer Repair & Replacement in Westchester County, NY

Blockages within you're residential or commercial properties' sewer lines can lead to outrageous costs and destruction of you're sewer lines.Westchester Sewer & Drain Cleaning specialize in a variety of services to keep you're stress and costs to an absolute minimum. We offer solutions such as sewer line installation, repair, replacement, pipe bursting, and pipe re-lining. Customers love our "trench-less" sewer repair solutions.

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Sewer & Drain Cleaning Westchester County, NY

Westchester Sewer & Drain Cleaning is a leading provider of sewer and drain cleaning services throughout New Rochelle, Yonkers, Mt. Vernon, White Plains and Westchester County, NY. To make your experience as hassle-free as possible, our 24 hour-7-day call center is staffed with friendly, professional and experienced staff. We have a fleet of trucks ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. You can always depend on us for the lowest prices for sewer and drain services in Westchester County. We don’t charge any kind of extra rates for emergency, night, or weekend service. Our customers are our top priority. Once you work with our sewer-drain unclogging technicians, you’ll see why so many of our customers keep coming back. Some of the factors that make us a great company include:

  • Extremely Low Prices
  • Free Estimates
  • Radio Dispatched Trucks
  • Years of Experience
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Residential Service
  • Commercial Service
  • Industrial Service
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Preventative Maintenance

Sewer clogs as well as drain clogs are very common throughout New Rochelle, Mt. Vernon, Yonkers, White Plains and lower Westchester County, NY. The main sewer line usually gets backed up due to sediment and soap deposits. Because all of the drain lines route to the main sewer line outside your home or business, the volume of waste water is bound to cause trouble at some point or another. Tree roots are also another major cause of sewer blockages. They end up growing in between the pipe joints and block waste water from flowing properly if left unchecked.

Drain Unclogging Types in Westchester County, NY

Drains which are slow-moving or constantly backed up are an annoyance. Depending on the severity of the clog or size of the drain, we have a wide variety of modern snake equipment available to unclog anything electrically and effortlessly. Kitchen Sink Unclogging: Kitchen sinks end up getting clogged due to grease, oil and dish soap build ups. Although they’re sometimes difficult to unclog, our technicians can clear this type of clog for you effortlessly with our equipment and products. Bathroom Sink Unclogging: Soap deposits and hair are the two biggest culprits when it comes to your bathroom sink becoming clogged. Through the usage of our specialized products and equipment, we can clear any kind of drain stoppage for your vanity in no time! Dishwasher Lines: Your dishwasher is connected to your kitchen sink line, so if you’re sink is backed up; your dishwasher will be too. Our technicians will help remove the clog in your kitchen line and help prevent future dishwasher backups from occurring. Floor Drains: These drains are important for preventing water from standing in areas that are prone to flooding. They’re usually found in basements, garages, laundry rooms, patios and other areas. Over time, things like sediment and other debris enter the drain and create a blockage. With the use of our electric drain cleaning machine, our experts will snake and cut through any debris removing the blockage easily. Toilet Clogs: One of the worst feelings out there is when your toilet won’t properly flush or begins to overflow. This is a sign of an obstruction in the trap or a problem in the drain pipe. Rest assured that our licensed and insured technicians have all of the equipment and experience necessary to remove clogs and get your toilet working the way it should.

Emergency Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services Westchester County, NY

We’re well aware that drain clogs don’t just happen from 9 to 5. This is why we offer 24-7 emergency services at no extra service charge. Whether your toilet is backed up or it’s your kitchen sink, we realize how awful these situations can be. You can always count on us to provide you with low-cost, high quality sewer and drain cleaning services day or night!

Preventative Maintenance

The costs of sewer repair can be quite high if the right amount of work is needed. You can easily save thousands of dollars in future costs by just signing up for our preventative maintenance package. This means that you’ll have quick access to an Westchester Sewer & Drain Cleaning technician for service day or night. For a fraction of the price you would pay for independent projects, we can help you maintain peace of mind.

Grease Trap Cleaning for Restaurants

Grease trap cleaning is an important part of business for restaurants. If not cleaned or maintained regularly, you’re practically guaranteed a major clog which will be bad for business. Westchester Sewer & Drain Cleaning offers preventative maintenance programs specifically for restaurants that needs they’re grease traps cleaned regularly.

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